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How to choose broker

Nowadays, Forex opens doors for everybody, who is eager to make money. However, before a newcomer ventures into forex trading, the essential thing is to pick a proper brokerage company. This article will tell you how to choose a reliable broker.

Top 10 rules of technical trading by John Murphy

Where will the market move? Will it soar or plunge? When will the trend reverse? These are the key questions asked by technical strategist John Murphy. John Murphy is a legendary trader with the over 13 years’ experience. He developed 10 major rules of technical analysis based on his experience. The rules apply to a wide audience of traders – both novice and pros.

Forex literature. Is it worth spending time on reading?

Books about Forex as well as forex trading itself are very popular nowadays. A great variety of Forex literature is available nowadays for those who are interested in trading. Every author takes on a teaching role and tries to teach a beginner-trader forex market wisdom, share experience and give advice.

Combining Forex and main job

The market where foreign currencies are exchanged attracts ambitious people. They crave for showing their skills amid intense competition and are sure of immediate profits. Optimism always favors any start, but you should not forget about preparation. It is impossible to become an outstanding, successful trader instantly. Finance is a serious topic requiring a cautious approach. To become a truly professional trader, you should make plenty of efforts.

What are pips and how to calculate them correctly?

A pip is one of the basic notions on Forex. However, there are traders who do not completely understand what is a pip and cannot correctly calculate it. Let’s look at it in detail.

A few words about day trading on Forex

Let’s look at the meaning of the word "day trading." Intraday trading is another way of saying "day trading" and it means a trading within one day.

Forex robots. The main advantages of trading systems

Financial benefits give a possibility to meet most of people’s demands as well as confidence in the next day and freedom. There are a lot of ways to improve your financial situation. Trading on the foreign exchange market is among them. Robots significantly help people as trading on Forex is risk-taking.

Public holidays and Forex market

Many factors influence the international forex market. What impact public holidays of different countries have on the currency market will be answered in this article. During holidays, trade on Forex is often less intense and it is difficult to predict its further movement. Even technical indicators, fundamental analysis and MT4 advisors won’t help a trader clear the situation. This uncertainty is mostly applied to the currency of the state where a holiday takes place.

How employment rate indicator affects Forex

The employment rate is a number of people who have jobs expressed as a percentage of the total workforce. It is the third important indicator for foreign currency markets. Like GDP, the employment rate of population capable of working mirrors an economic environment of a country and its health.

What novice traders need to know?

As a rule, a novice trader is full of enthusiasm hoping to make a big profit within a short period of time. A lot of people consider Forex to be a kind of casino, and that is their biggest mistake as trading on the forex market does not mean a game of chance but working hard. Though few examples of unforeseen success took place in the history of Forex.

Feedback from traders

Nadine trader
review SuperForex

The best broker that I have tried is SuperForex and this is the broker that I will be sticking with until the end. This broker does not require high capital. The trading fees are reasonable, and the trading platform is stable. There are even more features and programs which they offer to further enhance their client's experience.

Sittie trader
review ForexMart

Forexmart is one amazing Forex broker. I am glad that I finally decided to start an account. At first I was still hesitant because as we all know, Forex trading is risky. But since the minimum initial deposit at Forexmart is quite low, I just gave it a shot. So far, I am doing well and I am really happy that I took the risk. I also made the right choice of broker as it provides great services.

Lexa trader
review Tallinex

Popular broker with good trading conditions in Estonia. I have traded with many brokers but I am more happier with Tallinex. In one account I can trade on their fixed spread 2 pips for EUR/USD. I am glad when first profit was $400. In fact, withdrawal process also very fast while I chose Wire Transfer as it is consider efficient and normally took less than 4 days to approve and to credit into bank account. I think there has no reason for me to trading other broker except Tallinex.

Henry trader
review 60 Seconds

60Seconds broker has successfully stolen my money. It's started when I open an account and trade with them. I have been trading for five months and gained a profit. Everything was fine until I made a withdrawal request. They supposedly process it within an hour or day, but until now, it's already four weeks which is a MONTH they didn't process my withdrawal yet and they disabled my account without reason. All my profit I gain in these five months is gone, I have called them and they said I couldn't do withdraw because my documents are not qualified to do it. I asked them for a reason which document is not qualified, and they keep telling me that my document is not qualified without exact reason. I feel there is no hope for me to get my profit, this broker is ridiculous. They are fraud and robber. Be careful with this broker!

Fergie trader
review SteamForex

SteamForex is an unprofessional broker. They cheated me. I'm trading with them for five months. Everything was going well, and I made a profit. Once I want to withdraw it, I couldn't withdraw all of my profit that I got from the trading results for five months. I had an interesting experience with their customer support. Their was very unfriendly, disappointing, and made me angry. Some email that I've send to request a withdrawal was never their reply, until this moment I've sent as many as five emails with the same request. I called them for an explanation and told me, that they would check up on my issue and get back to me. I had to remind them every time and now it's been 4 weeks still not resolved.

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