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How to choose broker

Nowadays, Forex opens doors for everybody, who is eager to make money. However, before a newcomer ventures into forex trading, the essential thing is to pick a proper brokerage company. This article will tell you how to choose a reliable broker.

John Murphy’s 10 golden rules of technical trading

The ability to predict volatile and often paradoxical market trends is a rare talent that is highly valued in the world of professional trading. The name of John Murphy is known to everyone who is at least vaguely familiar with the technical trading theory. Throughout the years of his practice, the trader and analyst with more than 30 years of experience has established 10 main rules of technical analysis. These universal principles are still relevant and will serve well both newcomers and successful traders.

Forex literature. Is it worth spending time on reading?

Books about Forex as well as forex trading itself are very popular nowadays. A great variety of Forex literature is available nowadays for those who are interested in trading. Every author takes on a teaching role and tries to teach a beginner-trader forex market wisdom, share experience and give advice.

Can Forex supplement full-time job?

The Forex environment suits ambitious people perfectly. Indeed, they can manifest their expertise in tandem with market vision under highly competitive conditions. A successful trader should always have one’s finger on the pulse of a market. To earn decent money in financial markets, a trader should not miss a good market entry point and should close positions in due time to avoid losses. The thing is that monitoring all market moving news from all over the world takes a lot of time. This scares away would-be traders who are not ready to earn on Forex at the expense of their full-time job or private life.

What are pips and how to calculate them correctly?

A pip is one of the basic notions on Forex. However, there are traders who do not completely understand what is a pip and cannot correctly calculate it. Let’s look at it in detail.

Introduction to day trading

The term "day trading" means trading within one day. This term became so popular that today, everyone involved in day trading, whether it is a trader or an employee in a brokerage company, is called a day trader.

Forex robots. The main advantages of trading systems

Financial benefits give a possibility to meet most of people’s demands as well as confidence in the next day and freedom. There are a lot of ways to improve your financial situation. Trading on the foreign exchange market is among them. Robots significantly help people as trading on Forex is risk-taking.

Public holidays and Forex market

Many factors influence the international forex market. What impact public holidays of different countries have on the currency market will be answered in this article. During holidays, trade on Forex is often less intense and it is difficult to predict its further movement. Even technical indicators, fundamental analysis and MT4 advisors won’t help a trader clear the situation. This uncertainty is mostly applied to the currency of the state where a holiday takes place.

How employment rate indicator affects Forex

The employment rate is a number of people who have jobs expressed as a percentage of the total workforce. It is the third important indicator for foreign currency markets. Like GDP, the employment rate of population capable of working mirrors an economic environment of a country and its health.

What novice traders need to know?

As a rule, a novice trader is full of enthusiasm hoping to make a big profit within a short period of time. A lot of people consider Forex to be a kind of casino, and that is their biggest mistake as trading on the forex market does not mean a game of chance but working hard. Though few examples of unforeseen success took place in the history of Forex.

Feedback from traders

Charlie trader
review UFX

I can't trade at UFX's platform, As the platform didn't execute on time, and always I got 5 to 20 pips slippage from my desired position. I think their price quote is delayed than the live market. So it is a losing machine for me, and till now, I had lost $320. So I am disappointed to deal with UFX and warn others about their lacking platform.

Denna trader
review ATC Brokers

I like to trade with ATC Brokers. Their trading system is easy to use. Slippage happened sometimes but acceptable. During the trading news, I opened two order on AUD/USD pair using my EA, and I made profit $780 in these two trades. Withdrawal were processed in 6 hours via Neteller. I'm so satisfied with ATC Broker's service. I have calculated my profit since I join ATC Brokers, it's around $4000.

Gulso trader
review TusarFX

TusarFX is an unprofessional broker. I don't feel satisfied with their service. The platform is hard to customize and I can't place an order in my desired position and it really makes my trading have obstacles. I called their customer support but they said it depends on my trading skills, they just don't want to admit that mistake is on their platform. The withdrawal process is also delayed, I need to wait more than one week to get the money and for me, it's really waste my time.

Danny trader
review Tickmill

Tickmill has nothing good, only have poor services. I started to trade with them four months ago, and from that moment, I'm losing money and never had the chance to gain a profit. The platform they provide does not even have good quality, it has slow order execution and is hard to customize. Their leverage is also not competitive and it will give me a disadvantage in the open position. Last time, I lost around $900 because of their platform freeze. I couldn't recover all my losses. It's very disappointing.

TraderIna trader
review xTrade

I've never seen the professional performance on the xTrade broker. I am dealing in a standard account and using their MT4 platform. Where I can't apply scalping strategy and make some profits, As the order execution is slow and delayed with a high spread. All I faced when I was trading with xTrade is losing money with a lot of trouble during trading. Really, traders avoid this broker. xTrade isn't a good and reliable broker. I have closed my account there, I won't trust them anymore.

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