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Myths about Forex

The currency exchange market, or Forex, is well-known to numerous people. Private traders as well as various companies work on Forex. Currency operations are getting more and more popular with every coming day.

Introduction to Forex trading

The essence of any market is buying an item at a lower price and selling it at a higher price. In this regard, the Forex market is no exception, the only difference is that items on the foreign currency market are represented by foreign currencies that have their own prices.

Forex trading strategies

Every trader chooses the most convenient method of trading. The type of Forex trading a trader uses depends on his first-hand experience in money management and the significance of money in his life. There are a lot of strategies of trading on Forex.

Forex market trading hours

The international currency market operates 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, excluding public holidays when all banks are closed. In each time zone there are establishments, selling or buying currency during their working hours.

Forex participants

To start Forex trading, you have to realize what place a private investor occupies on Forex, or, in other words, the role of a trader in the global system of currency exchange.

Advantages of Forex

The foreign exchange market or Forex has the incontestable advantages thanks to those everyone regardless of location, education and income, has the opportunity to trade. All you need is a computer and an internet access.

The guidelines for choosing a broker

Nowadays there are a lot of companies, providing access to online trading on Forex market. Quite often even experienced traders have difficulties choosing a broker that would meet the requirements of convenient and, what is more important, profitable trading on Forex market.

Trend indicators

For allowing a trader to determine the market movement direction the trend indicators were worked out. As a rule, they are not restricted by moving averages. They include such instruments as price models, support and resistance lines, trend lines.

Several ways of employing Fibonacci levels

Each trader applying technical analysis has many postulates he relies on in trading. Quite often it turns out that traders do not go deep into the matter, guided by their market experience only. However, there are effective theories applied to the markets which lack substantial ground. They can be proved by statistics only. This is the kind of theories Fibonacci number theory is attributed to.

Classical Trader’s rules

In order to become successful on the currency market a trader must follow the range of rules. Below we consider the classical trader’s rules which will help you to organize your work on the market in such way that you will have a success and profit on the market.

Feedback from traders

Richardson trader
review Cappro FX

I haven't any complaints about CapproFx broker, As their spread is fair to me and their Currenex platform has executed at a live price quote. As I can apply a scalping strategy. Last month I can make $300 and withdrawan$200 via Paypal. Overall I think CapproFx broker's services are professional.

GomesGolder trader
review BTFX

BTFX is not a regulated broker. However I opened an account but my experience was worst. Their platform is not stable and slow execution is not good for my EA. Not allow to use limit orders between the bid and ask or anywhere close to the current price. I encountered a terrible requoting and when I tried to complain, they obviously just made up excuses.

Conrado trader
review Profit Group

I don't like how the customer support representatives of Profit Group treat their clients. I have encountered three different representatives who were very impatient and rude. I was simply asking for assistance on the issue with my trades yet they don't address it professionally.

Hianna trader
review Atom8

If you want less risks in your trading activities, it is possible with Atom8 because you have the freedom to choose your lot size. You can start with as little as 0.01 lot or go higher -- depending on what you prefer. Their trading platform is also stable and easy to operate so even if you are a beginner, trading will be easy for you.

Ricky trader
review Forex Ltd

I recently opened an account at Forex LT. So far, I am impressed with the quality of their platform. The execution of orders is really fast and I get no interruptions in my trading activities. Right now, I have a 5% profit rate and I am looking forward to growing it further in the future.

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