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Feedback from traders

Sillo trader
review NPBFX

I lost $368 in single trade due to their bad platform. The platform is not user friendly and it's really hard to customize. Spreads get higher too often, which cannot be an advantage for possible profits. And I think their platform is not suitable for beginners, it crashes many times and very confusing to use. Also, they don't provide a good support team. I closed my account at this broker and will never trust my trade with them anymore.

Luccy trader
review Tifia

I have been trading with Tifia for two years, and I'm so pleased with their service. They provide a good service for the client. It's profitable trading with them. The platform has good quality, works well, instant order execution, fixed spreads, real prices, and no slippage during my trades. The withdrawal process is also fast and easy, it is always successful within 3 hours. I have nothing to complain about Tifia. They always have a way of making my trading smooth. They are professional broker, I highly recommend Tifia to all traders.

Nuggy trader
review MaxiMarkets

MaxiMarket is not a recommended broker. I started to trade with them, I felt disappointed because the system is so confusing. Software frequently used experiences connection issues and trading pages filled with spam and other junk. The trading process takes a long time to be done, and it's really hard trading with MaxiMarket. I lost my account with a deposit that I deposited, and all of my profits were also canceled. Customer support ignored me. Stay away from this broker. They don't provide complete information about trading rules and leave the user if an error occurs.

Forla trader
review NSFX

I have been with NSFX for six months. Since I sign up for an account, I never got any problems. I choose to invest my money in NSFX because they always provide excellent services. The trading platform is working great with instant order executions. And they took only a small fee, and I think it's reasonable. I'm delighted with them, and I used to withdraw my fund through Skrill. I would like to recommend them to all traders.

Mahajo trader
review Price Markets

I have the most awful experience with Price Markets broker. Last month my EA placed a sell order on EUR/USD pair at their platform. It was a trade that was giving me a 74 pips profit when I planning to close my trades. However, when I tried to close this trade manually but their servers hangs for 45 minutes. Then the price started growing, and I lost an amount of $215 with them due to their server problem. When I contacted their live support, they said it was closed normally by stop loss of my EA and had no problem. Unbelievable. I'm closing my account after. I don't want to continue my trading with an irresponsible broker.

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