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Feedback from traders

Terruce trader
review Tradeo

I lost $2,000 just trading with this broker. Its trading conditions are bad, there are continuous delays in the trading platform and the prices it showed in platform are not in real time. I've compared with other markets and there is a difference of 5-6 pips in every trading instrument. During 3 weeks I had consistent profits and although the withdrawal process used to take a little long, the money was deposited in my account. But then all the process made more complex, commissions for withdrawal started to increase without any reason and I had continuous losses. Support team didn't reply my emails anymore and finally, all my money vanished. Now I am looking for a better broker.

Heinrich trader
review IQ Option

I'm not happy with the services provided by IQ Option. I don't have much experience in forex market, so I was trying to contact their customer support very often. Unfortunately, I could not have a professional assistance, because client support is too bad. They only want your money. When they realized I was a newbie and I could invest only $10, they totally ignore all my messages asking for support. Very sad.

Ftyn trader
review Trade.com

This broker gave me a headache because when I started earning good profits the spread will get worse that it was too widen and the commission will get delay for 2 minutes or more. It is not a very friendly platform to me initially especially their stop options. I called the support to guide me because I was having a hard time to understand though it has a manual. I trade EUR/JPY during the most liquid time of the day yet on my stop entries and stop losses I have to say that I get slipped an average of 2-5pips but my stop losses was not working so my trades doesn't get filled most of the time. So far with futures they seem to be ok but for FX I would say to avoid them like the plague.

Wisdom trader
review FxPrivate

I didn’t get a lot of problems with FX Private, only when there is volatility in the market. Apart from that, FX Private has been my broker for 2 years no, and I have so far enjoyed the platform which is very fast and most especially withdrawal of my money is always very fast without no issue.

Lucoo trader
review JustForex

They held my withdrawal worth 700USD for too long. They asked a lot of questions before finally sending it to my account. That was the first I made a withdrawal. I decided to leave them immediately. I smelled something fishy.