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Feedback from traders

MasterNyembe trader
review Kalita Finance

I had several bad encounters on the bad connectivity of their iTrader 8 platform especially when the market runs and I am executing market orders. It happened again today when there was a run on the USD/UAH pair. I was stuck for 1 hour, couldn't get any trader or technical support to help me online. I was put on hold twice on the phone by technical support and it was an international call to them. There was no toll free number to call and they have not responded to my call back request. Has this happened to anyone else?

Expert trader
review FXOpen

Big and reliable broker, but crazy slippages and slow execution make trading unreal. Yes, it's called ECN, but still conditions are awful. CS is also very slow, so you will be alone. If you want to trade with solid broker and get good trading conditions, I can help. Just add me on skype - vovkfx

Alejandro trader
review FXOptimax

i had a bad experience with fxoptimax. i trade in nfp, and my order was open in non market price! i claim fxoptimax support, but they say good bye! i have a screenshoot, i send them my screen, but they stole my money. my account have fix spread, but order was open higher than my bar in 200pp.

Ben trader
review HiWayFx

HiWayFX may not be everything perfect but I must give out my expereince with them. My account number with this broker is 19017, I must say that they have a good trading cost, execution is fast and no reqoutes. I started with this company since 2014 and I never had any issue of withdrawals. In total, I have made a profit of over $2,000 and I have withdrawn all my profits including my deposit. The reason why I withdrew all my money is because of the post from hmk20009 about the Cancellation of profit of $7845.10. When I red the whole review, I was somehow afraid and that prompted me to withdraw all my money followed the fact that their .com is not regulated and that the cacellation of hmk20009's profits was happened days after trade was done. Even though such trade is not allowed, they would have fixed it right after the close of the trade and not after days when the person have just requested for a withdrawal. And for the fact that the trader in question has performed such trades that resulted in lose but was not canceled, so how would they cancel such trade when in profit? So far, I had a good experience with HiWayFX and I have withdrew all my monies deposit and profits without any issue but I stopped trading with them. By the way, HiWayFx is the ideal option for every trader.

Karthina trader
review IamFX

I must say that I have been happy with this broker. Everything has been as advertised. I did a lot of research on brokers and decided to give IamFX a try. The VPS is a bit slow and I also read the terms and conditions on the VPS. I opened a live account with IamFX for 14 months. I deposited with $2,400 and I traded only EURUSD and GBPUSD. I started with MT4 on my computer, and switched to their VPS. Then, I switched back to my own computer because VPS was not always connected. I had a good relationship with IamFX and the only reason I am not with them now is because Democrat politians in the US think they know how I should trade better than I do and forced me to change to a broker who they can 'regulate.' When I closed my account, IamFX sent an email saying that I would get my funds within 2 to 4 weeks but I received them within 3 days. Very good service.