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Feedback from traders

Willy trader
review BMFN

This is my broker partner, they got amazing platform like MAM (Multi Account Manager) so I can managed all my clients using MAM. Also I had an 6000 USD PAMM managed account and 3 days after the withdrawal request I have received the money. From this point of view everything is OK.

Riyuki trader
review ForexMart

ForexMart is my most trusted broker since they really make sure that my funds are secure and I can easily transact at any time of the day.

Jo trader
review SuperForex

Good broker, Trading with this one for a long time, i started from no deposit bonus and now trading on my own. The hardest thing was to check verification, but then - no problems, no delays

Nicole trader
review Bforex

I have been trading in bForex site for 1 year and still I have not withdrawn any funds till now.There were 2 manager who were handling with my account and both tracked my account and led me to loss.They have been asking me to transfer money repeatedly when ever it was going in loss and I use to borrow money from my friends and even my salary also.I have been had lot of hope on these people and never expected that they would cheat me this way.I had 3300$ in my account and had opened a position and all the money got vanished completely. Please help me out in getting back the money and I'm undergoing very bad financial situation.

Shanlley trader
review Fidelis

I have traded with many brokers since 2008 and with Fidelis Capital Markets from after Sankranti 2015 which is prosperous day. I only trade with my EA (Butterfly Strategy). Last month, I used my EA with 2 brokers and made good profit in both account. First, I got call from other broker and said my MT4 is blocked and suspended from LP because of my EA. Latter, one person from Fidelis Capital Markets called and ask me check my account. I said no and I was in marriage. After an hour, I check and called back to that person and requested for the withdrawal of 3000$ dollar for that he said. It’s kindly to withdraw my profit which I made 18000$ in one day. Next day, before 12pm, it was reflecting in my bank account. Thus, everything is on time and they care more on client relationships. If you are looking for reliable broker with Pure ECN Environment, then Fidelis is the best.