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Forex Growth Bot

Trading platform: MetaTrader
Currency pair: EURUSD
Timeframe: М15
Trading time: 24 hours (VPS server is recommended)
Digits: 4 and 5
Growth Bot is a Forex Expert Adviser designed for trading with EURUSD. Growth Bot may also trade with other currency pairs; however, no tests with other financial instruments were carried out.
Please note that Forex Growth Bot has to constantly monitor open positions. In case of any disruption of connection with a trading server, the Forex Adviser may lose control on open positions. Therefore, the developers strongly recommend using VPS server to ensure continuous work.
Although the Expert Adviser trades 24 hours, in executes an average of 3–10 orders a week.
Recommended parameters:
Deposit 250$ – 0.01 lot
Deposit 500$ – 0.03 lot
Deposit 1000$ and above – 0.05 lot
Deposit 2000$ and above – 0.1 lot
Forex Growth Bot is based on a Wave Stop which means that a Stop level constantly changes. Given there is a movement towards an open position, the Expert Adviser opens additional positions following a trend and raising potential profits.
Recommendations to open a lot:
  • Until the Forex Adviser closes open positions, do not change either a timeframe or parameters, or restart the terminal.
  • There are 3 versions of Growth Bot:
  1. Basic
  2. Advanced (with extra parameters)
  3. Power (maximum parameters and a robot’s MQL code)


Forex Growth Bot uses the same algorithm in all versions.

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Comments about adviser

Joni trader
review Forex Growth Bot

Please stay away from this advisor - Forex Growth Bot. I have used this advisor since last year, and now I quit working with them because of some reasons. At first, I tested EA for one week by using my MT4 trading platform and the results were not good. Thus, I do not satisfy with the results of this pair EUR/USD when trading because it makes me loss a lot of money – 800$. Thus, this advisor can't be trusted, and they are only good to me during the deposit. However, they've traded against me when I made withdrawal. Their support isn’t professional to fix my matters. They just transfer me to another person from another, so no one helps me in my issues. I felt regret in using them, so I moved another advisor 3 months ago. Luckily, I get good results at the current advisor. I advise trader not to work with Forex Growth Bot

Marspip trader
review Forex Growth Bot

This bot was recommended to me buy various friends but I was skeptical using it. Well, I can say it is done a great work and my profit increased with 40% the past couple of months since using it so I want to pass to others this recommendation. I have the advanced option Forex Growth bot and I payed for it 200$. It payed off the first week and since then I only have profit.

Olivia trader
review Forex Growth Bot

I used this EA for 7 months and I was surprised by the good performance of it. It just 2 months, I could accumulate USD 250 trading mostly with EURUSD and sometimes with USDCAD. I used especially at night, when I don't have time to check monitors, and it's very reliable. It studies well the pattern and graphics, so it opens good positions.

Esteban trader
review Forex Growth Bot

I started to use this robot following the recommendation of a friend, it cost me around $250 but it was a waste of money. While I was trading with the EA, I had several losses although I followed all recommendations provided and fixed the appropriate settings. I started with an initial deposit of $600 and lost it in 2 weeks. Orders opened by this robot were not profitable and it suffered from constant freezes.

Vivifx trader
review Forex Growth Bot

I started to use this bot after a friend recommended to me, and he was using it for more then 6 months. I payed 200$ to buy it. The past months I had using it while trading EUR/USD with a time frame 15 as is recommended. The version I have is Basic and I am please with it till now. I made profit withing the first week the amount I actually paid to buy it. My profit only using it is 500-600$ a month., on my total profit that is a 30% growth. It opens rarely 10 trades, but from how many it opens the success rate is 90%.

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