Brokers which closed their business

This section is devoted to brokers that had to declare bankruptcy for some reasons.


Feedback from traders

mendes trader
review Belarta

it’s been 2 years I’ve been trading using belarta broker. From my trading experience, I can say that they reliable broker because of their service provided to me really satisfied me as their client and trader. So far I’m just focus on two thing when choosing broker which first is their transaction money deposit or withdrawal and belarta broker good in managing this transaction to be within the time stipulated. It only took around 2-4 hours for them to complete the transaction via wire transfer and this is my favorite method of payment. The other thing that I will see is their trading platform and again they really did a good job by providing me a stable trading platform. I can enjoy my trading activity without any worries their platform will be freeze or re quotes or the execution become slow. They have good execution that will be instantly follow your order and I can trade during economic event without any re quotes. Their spread also low as low as 0.9 for major pairs. So far I can say they can be trust and I suggest this broker to other trader that still searching the right broker to use.

Noelpip trader
review Vomma

I tried to trade with this broker, they have problems with the servers and platform. I deposited in my classic trading account 150$ and the money were credited to my account after 2 working days because they wanted to check the account from were the money came. I called support team to help me because I had opened positions during the night and they just closed them, I woke up with 98$ from 365$ but they just put me on hold and never called back. I traded major pairs EUR/USD, USD/CAD, GBP/USD, GBP/EUR. They manipulate the prices during volatility times.

woodfx trader
review Vomma

I am a client of Vomma for just 2 months and there is not one single day when the platform hasn't crushed, had delays 3 seconds,the spreads are crazy during news feed. I have a classic live trading account. My first deposit was 100$ and I am glad I didn't deposit more at the time. I just lost all the funds, after going back and forth having profit and losing. My trades are on EUR/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, EUR/GBP. Any way, because of the problems with the platform I called so many times the support that they just stopped answering to my call, but now as I want to close the account they are calling every day . I will close the next days the account is not worth the time or money.

yigitrader trader
review Vomma

Well it's been about 2 years that I have been trading and I've tried almost 5 broker and now I am with Vomma and I am very happy with them. Very small spreads, 2 pip on major pairs and Very rare slippage. I was trying to test them on last week on real account, with Fed announcement, and its works well, I have got one reqoute in first 2 seconds moves, after that everything was fine. Up to now I can only give an excellent feedback.

GopnikVeselov ‏ trader
review IamFX

Being six month's trading experience with IamFx broker I rate them very poor broker. especially with the HUGE spreads, I understand that volatility and spreads do increase at these times but the spread on GBPCHF increased to 68.5 pips. So only for that reason most of the time I can't made profit on my granted profitable trade. Their MT4 platform is too slow, the order execution like to me I have watch slow motion video. So I personally dislike IamFx's Brokers. And the second things that IamFx delay my withdrawal request $75 through Skrill account and i received only $50 dollars. I ask to the customer service with about 10 emails and 6 tickets but none answer.

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