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Year established: 2002
Country: Russia
Regulation: BVI Financial Services Commission Act, 499905
Payment options: WebMoney, Credit/debit
Minimum initial deposit: $50
Smallest lot size: 0.1
Leverage: 1:10, 1:100, 1:200
Spreads: 0 pips on EUR/USD

Dealing City Inc., a Russian forex company, has been working in the dealing services market since 2002. The broker is legally registered in the British Virgin Islands and operates under the license of BVI Financial Services Commission Act. The headquarters of the company are located in Rostov-na-Donu, Russia.

Dealing City is also develops its software. Trading is carried out through the DCTrader and DCTrader 2 platforms. Famous MetaTrader 4 is also available, as well as the MobileForex mobile platform.

Among the trading instruments are currency pairs, CFDs on shares and spot metals. Traders who opened an account get the news and analytics subscription, as well as access to various services, such as Traders rating and Forex investment funds.

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zulfa trader
review Dealing City

dealing city are not worth to try since I loss 300 USD because of their trading platform DCtrader5 not functioning. Usually I’ll use take profit and stop loss to control the risk rewards so that I can achieve my monthly target easily. But when I trade using this DCtrader5 I found that my take profit not triggered when price hit my TP. At first I just thought that their spread that widen but then it happened again and at that time I just feel something not right about their trading platform. They let the price pass through my TP and then when price reverse it will hit my stop loss. I’ve made a report to their support team but they ignore my queries and it shows that they manipulate the platform. Because of that problem I can’t using that strategies anymore. After the incident I change my trading style to cut manually if the position in profit and I just left this broker since they not even replying my reports. To all traders out there, please be careful with dealing city because they are not reliable broker!

chanchan trader
review Dealing City

What the hell! They closed my positions without my knowledge! On Tuesday, I tried to hold my positions, but I was surprised when I checked my account today. All my orders got closed! The trading instruments I activately traded are EURUSD, & GBPUSD. The most painful part is there's no money left in my account. I couldn't view the trading history and when I tried to contact them today, I only received an automated response. Because of this, I decided not to fund my trading account anymore. I was just wasting my money here. In fact, I left my job because I thought this company would provide a greener pasture.

Benya trader
review Dealing City

For 4 months of trading with Dealing City, I learned a lot of experienced to be a better trader because last year I lost much money in other broker. I decided to try Dealing City with their only $50 minimum deposit and instantly I got 25$, and I used that profit for make trading again. In a month I won almost $150. I have no complaints about their trading platform, deposit, low spread 0 pips on EUR/USD, and withdrawal, so I advise my friends should try Dealing City broker!

Rainee trader
review Dealing City

I used to deal with Dealing City for almost 5 months. I also worked on demo account to see how actual the system will run for me once I register the real account. On June 2016, I have made initial deposit of a $300 to live account as to begin with forex. I still remember that I lost all fund just after 1 month trade. It occurred due to increasing of spread, however I was understood that the offered spread as low as 0 pips especially on EUR/USD but actually it was not. The trading platform seems frozen and in essence, I was not able to execute and close the open position manually. What I did was to call the support department to help me reveal about what happened to the platform. They have no clear answer in fact just keep on telling me about their technical issues. I don’t really satisfied with their services and there is no way to wait for them again. So that, I am now already hold on any trade activities while still looking for other broker that might be able to provide a better trading service for me!

Catag trader
review Dealing City

I have been with Dealing City for 2 years doing long term and news trading. I know that my funds are secured because I have deposited and withdrawed many times using Webmoney. They have been very consistent in market rules and stable platform. No glitches so far and quick positive results on every problem I needed help with. My orders are ALWAYS filled at the price I am quoted and customer service always takes your questions professionally. I've placed over 100 trades with them and it has been just as expected every single time. No complaints here

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