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Henson trader
review IronFx

Please be aware this broker – IronFX, because I was scammed lots of money with this broker. I would like to share my bad experience at this broker if you have plan for investing here. In last year, I started with this broker, and I have already opened account at here. At first, I deposited 100$ for trading, and I also earned profit with 50$. In fact, everything was smooth, and this broker showed their real face by cheating with my money in last month. At that time, I made a withdrawal with 600$, but this broker didn’t let me to do my request. Hence, I contacted them for asking about this problem, but I just got no reply from their support. It’s so terrible. Thus, IronFX is a Scam Broker, and they just want to steal money. In addition, their platform freezes all the time, there are many requotes and slippages. They always play against customers, and IronFX is the worst broker I have ever traded. At the moment, I don't trust in this broker anymore and I recommend to all traders not to trade with IronFX.

Velma trader
review Leverate

From my point, Leverate is a cheater, so please do not believe this broker. 2 years ago, I started to trade with Leverate, and now I leave this broker because of many problems with them. In the beginning, everything was good with me including depositing and getting profit. However, my case happened with this broker in 3 months ago because this broker cancelled my profit. At that time, I deposit 500$, and I earned profit 800$. Therefore, I made a withdrawal for my profit, but I couldn’t get money. Hence, I contacted to their support about my request, and I was shocked by their answer. Their support told me that my profit with 800$ was cancelled, and they reconsidered the results of deals of clients. That means if I make more than 15% profit on my account, the profit will be cancelled. In fact, I can’t accept their answer, so I contacted again. Actually, I got nothing from them, and now my account is terminated. Thus, Leverate steals my money with 800$. Furthermore, this broker has poor execution of trades, frequent re-quotes and large spreads! They are reasons why I wanted to close my account today! Please be aware this broker – Leverate, because they are just a thief!!

Mamboo trader
review PriorFx

I have been using Prior Fx for 1 year and have great experiences with this group. I have been introduced by one of a trade peer and I am so thanks to know them earlier. At the same time, I did trade with other broker to see which broker provide a better services. I think with Prior Fx I don’t have too much headache and in fact MT4 platform was really great and work very well for me. I still remember that my first deposit was $300 and account has successfully grown to $800 with a month. I normally trade by PC and they have very good graphics and trading tools are located properly to ease all charting activities. I don’t have any issue on the Spread fee since it always consistent and affordable at 0.1 pip and I prefer to trade with EUR/USD. Recently, I have made a request to withdraw $300 via Neteller, they approved it in less than 72 working hours and I can see money credited into account. Thanks Prior Fx!!

pipkacamoto trader
review ViproMarkets

Vipro Markets is a pretty good broker which provide very nice trading platform that operation very smooth. I joined them a year ago because I interest to their average spread on the EUR/USD currency pair is 0.3 pips and the average execution speed is 200 milliseconds. When first time joined this broker, I used demo account to enhance my trading skills and understanding how to make a good trading strategy. And then after 3 months, I opened the real one and make trading regularly. I open a trade on ECN PRO with 0.01 lots and 1:500 leverage.Their minimum deposit on USD/EUR/GBP 25; Spreads from: 0.0 pips; commission: $2 per $100 000 traded. I really enjoy it and want to make two or three another account.

cordia trader
review Vinson

Most of my favorite trading instruments like Gold, & S&P500; have a reasonable spreads, it's not what I expected but I could live with it. The spreads of the aforementioned spreads range to 0.60. It is the reason why I chose to invest my 540 USD with them. Though there are some complaints about them, and even my own friends warned me about the reputation of this company, but I do not mind them because I've been here since 2015, and found nothing suspicious. Yeah, there was a time that some of my profits (If I was not mistaken, it's 36%) got cancelled. But the good thing was they refunded back the money to my Pearl account after 3 weeks. That was very inconvenient for me, but I totally understand them because the staff of this company is just human that could make any mistakes. Since then, I have noticed that this company is very cautious, and I never encountered such issue again.

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