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Greta trader
review FXFlat

From my point, FXFlat is pure scam and fraud, and I always get loss in trading with them. In last year, I started trading with them, and I had bad experience during working in forex. In the beginning, I had a live account with 100$, and I also earned small profit with 50$. At that time, I was so happy, and I decided to trade with them in a long term by putting more money into forex. However, this broker made me so upset when I made a request of withdrawal for my big profit – 800$. Thus, last week, I deposited 600$, and I earned profit with 800$. Therefore, I made a withdrawal for my profit with them, but my withdrawal request was denied. Hence, I contacted their customer support about my issue, and their support said that they can’t do anything as well as can’t solve my problem. Actually, I can’t get money, and I tried calling back but they did not pick my calls!!! It’s so terrible. In addition, their list of trading instruments is not complete and the website is not at all intuitive and user-friendly. The platform is difficult to navigate and my pending orders are not always processed. At the moment, I am going to look for another broker to trade, because I can’t stand with their working. All in all, please don’t waste time or money with FXFlat, because they are a bad broker!

Huffmaniar2 ‏ trader
review Bulbrokers

My trading experience with Bulbrokers has been incredible so far. They have the lowest spread less than 1 pip which is not offered by any other company in the market. I am a news trader even on high volatility market I never got more than 3 pips. Beside this they have very rarer slippage. With them highest slippage ever I got was 13 pips on AUD/USD pair, but I was trading Australia cash rate. For me 13 pips is nothings because I got 70 pips slippage with my previous broker. I also like their withdrawal options usually I withdraw through wire transfer my every withdrawal were processed within same day. I recommend everybody to try this broker out.

Jordan trader
review MTI Markets

MTI Market is so amazing and I have spent few weeks to learn binary with this group. Currently, I would prefer to focus more on currency trading. Since 2016, I have been using the MT4 platform by MTI and result was tremendously good. Earlier I have invested $500 as initial deposit and I am so thanks to MTI since my account has successfully grown $3000 within few months. At least, I can earned some additional income from this broker and I hope they could continuously provide the best platform and system among other broker and I will stay with them. I would like to recommend MTI to newbies outside there and they will never let you down. Total profit that I earned so far is $2500 which I think it was really great achievement along my trading activities. However, I will keep on learning and improving trading strategy and wish more profit grow in account soon. Thanks MTI

ment& ahad trader
review PrivateFX

Due to my hectic schedule, I decided to become a PAMM investor and invested some of my funds for a total of 350 USD. Yesterday, I managed to withdraw 107 USD through Neteller. However, I haven't received the money yet. Am still waiting the money to be credited to my Neteller's account within this day. The delay didn't bother me because this broker never fails. Not even once. All I can say is I don't have any regrets for entrusting my funds to my PAMM manager. As you can see, I earned a lot of profit, even though I only have a little knowledge about Forex market.

elinor trader
review IKOFx

Along my journey with IKOFX I have a bad trading experiences with them make me decide to left them as too many problem with the system. In fact, I have been using a few number of brokers to trade to diversify my money not relying on one broker only but somehow trading with IKOFX I noticed something not right while trying to generate profit on the online platform. I used to trade on major pairs like EUR/USD pair and USD/JPY but I noticed that there is a slippage on charts but when I check with other broker there is no slippage occurred. Basically take profit and stop loss is my favorite strategy in order to set my risk rewards easily but it won’t execute properly and always delay. Last time, I have made a withdrawal by Wire Transfer amount of 300 USD but transaction process was too slow and it took nearly to a week to get money credited into bank account. To me IKOFX broker is not the best broker to choose to trade with.

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