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Barry trader
review ActivTrades

ActivTrades is just a liar in forex world, so please don’t join trading with this broker. Trading with ActivTrades for 1 year, I just got loss with this broker, and I decided to quit trading with them in 3 months ago. Thus, I think it’s enough for me after having worst trades with ActivTrades, and I don’t want to waste my time anymore. At the beginning, I put 100$ to trade, but I got loss. However, I continued depositing more money, unfortunately I still got losses. During that period, I lost lots of money with over 1000$, and I think this broker robbed of my money. In addition, this broker has frozen platform, unstable connection, high spread, etc that makes me always get loss. Actually, I was upset with this broker, so I quit trading with ActivTrades by closing my account. Unfortunately, this broker doesn’t let me do this, they ask me continue trading or leave the rest of amount in my account. Finally, I loss the rest of money in my account with this broker, and I left them. Generally, be aware this broker - ActivTrades because they just take your money to their pocket. ActivTrades is really a thief!!!

Ryan trader
review NAS

In my opinion, NAS is just a scammer in forex world, so I advise you should avoid this broker. In fact, I’m scammed by this broker with 950$, because they took away my profit. Therefore, I would like to share my bad experience with them to you. In the beginning, everything was good with me when I traded in demo account, and I also earned profit. However, everything becomes worse when I traded in real account. In last month, I earned profit with 500$ when I deposited 600$ for trading. Therefore, I made a withdrawal for my profit with them, but I hardly withdrawal. Hence, I contacted to their support, and they always say that they'll transfer money to my account in soon. However, I have gotten nothing in my account for 3 weeks, and I also continued calling to them. At this time, they hang up my phones as well as ignored my emails. This broker has such a poor service. Besides, other services at this broker are also bad such as: connection, platform, execution, etc. NAS is really cheater, so I don’t recommend this broker to anyone.

FxLishari ‏ trader
review VTB24

I have been trading with VTB24 for 4 months, during this time, I have not encountered serious problems. The platform is excellent. I am impressed with their execution, usually below 50ms. The biggest advantage is that they allow expert advisor. I’ve run my scalping EA on several pair without any interruption. I made an initial deposit of $2000 and until now I withdrawal my profit around $900. Even last week I withdraw $300 using bank transfer and I got my money within 2 hours. This is the other reason I like VTB24.

harista trader
review STForex

Be aware with STForex. My experience with this broker was bad when I used to work with their online platform nearly to one year. In fact, performance wise was good only during the first 6 months of trading period. My problem rise when I made a request for withdrawal which cost for 600 USD via wire transfer, they rejected my request with excuse my document was not valid and I’ve to re uploading again for verification process. In order to get my money I’m re uploading again my document and this time it took longer than before which 3 days for them to verified my account. After that I request again for withdrawal and it took a week for them to transfer my money to my bank account. Even though I got my money but I’m quite disappointed with their service that slow in processing this transaction. Second problem that slowly arise is their trading platform become so bad to use. Their execution become slow in execute my instant orders and also will slow in close my position. Sometimes it will re quoting my orders and make me loss a few pips because of that problem. Their spread also start widening even market is not volatile. For those trader that still consider in choosing this broker I’m not recommend this broker to all of you because it is too risky investing your money with this broker in addition this broker is not regulated broker.

Olivia trader
review Olymp Trade

This company is not trustworthy. They stole my earnings estimated at $2,000. That amount was the earnings of 8 months of hard trading. When I wanted to withdraw by Webmoney $1,500, they just blocked my account telling that I had used illegal strategies, so my account had been blocked until they made all the necessary checks. But I didn't use any illegal strategy, just a normal trading with EURUSD and USDCAD. After 2 weeks, they sent me an email explaining me that due to all checks they had been made (but never sent me a prove of that) and my account would be closed due to illegal strategies. They kept with my money. Please, stay away of them.

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